How to protect yourself from this sneaky new iPhone hack

The new glitch in iOS 10 want you to leave your iPhone unattended again – even if it’s locked and you’re passcode “protected.”

The newly discovered glitch allows anyone to send text messages, update status on Facebook and even make calls directly even it’s fully protected.

Yes, you’re iPhone simply needs to have Siri personal assistant option enabled.

As always, a screen pops up asking, you try to access Siri “What can I help you with?” and all you have to do is give command, and let the glitch do it’s work.

Seems Scary right? Anyone can request Siri to send text messages, post social media status by simply by saying so.

But, it can be resolved by disabling that Siri option. Go to Settings, select Siri, and turn off “Access on Lock Screen.”

iPhone Siri Glitch
iPhone Siri Glitch

Now, whenever stranger tries to access your Locked iPhone – he won’t be able to tries to access it.

While this also means you can’t fetch Siri when your phone is in locked mode. At least you can stay relaxed even your iPhone get’s into wrong hand.



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