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Protect your Mobiles, Laptops Cameras from Hackers And Government.

As we are surrounded by technology, It’s important for users to continue taking care of their privacy, technology has made our life simpler, there are always some people which will try to exploit into your personal life by hacking into your life, through technologies, by spying on you.

Hacked Webcam
This is how one can spy on you through your laptop cam / Gif Source: WikiMedia


Snowden Revealed Government Surveillance on Everyone in 2013. They are not just targeting their own citizens but also foreign dignitaries and diplomats. It’s not that hard for hackers to target anyone and record through your webcams.

HackRead Reported!

Here’s How to Protect yourself!

Covering the phone camera.

The EyePatch Case works through the use of a switch. When you flick the switch cameras on both ends of the phone are covered completely. Simple indeed. It’s a useful physical solution to a digital problem.


Hiding laptop camera

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In case you want to buy a special laptop cam cover to give a neat look while hiding the cam at the same time, you can also buy one online or from a cell phone accessory store.


On a serious note if you can’t find a sticker just put a band aid.



After all, this is said and done; we still need to take into account Snowden’s revelations. The government was unknowingly spying people. And how can we stop the snooping? A sticker!! Yes, low-tech solutions to high-tech problems. Another way to stop the intrusion of microphones is by using dummy plug into the microphone jack which would prevent the hacker from picking up the sound with their internal mic

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