Programmer Send Bots Army after Windows Support Scammers

Angry programmer-declared war on all Windows Support scammers – and now he’s sending a massive amount of bots to target fake support scammers all over the world.

In case you didn’t know how they scam you? They trick you somehow to believe that we’re calling from Tech Support and work for Microsoft, Google, or another tech firm and they are here to fix your problem. Instead of fixing your solution, however, you’re ended up installing malware that gives them access to your devices, and then you know better what could go wrong after.

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Roger from The Jolly Roger Telephone Company has set out on a quest to disrupt the malicious telemarketing industry by inundating deceitful support lines with calls from a large network of bots, programmed to keep the scamming agents on the phone for as long as possible.

To trick the scammers into believing there’s an actual human being on the other side of the phone, Jolly Roger has stocked the bots with a variety of responses.

One of his pre-recorded tracks, for instance, features a woman that gets into a fight with her daughter in the middle of the call. Meanwhile, the telemarketing agent stays on the line for another 40 seconds while the woman keeps babbling on, with the entire call lasting a little over six minutes.

Roger has released a few more examples of his telemarketing trolling efforts. Head to the Jolly Roger blog to listen to the rest of them.

While somewhat brilliant, Jolly Roger is hardly the only company devoted to scamming scammers.

Not too long ago, someone made a similar robot called Lenny, which was designed to give cold-callers the impression they’re talking to a real person. In fact, there’s an entire YouTube channel dedicated to some of the best exchanges between Lenny and unsuspecting telemarketers.

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