Pokemon Go Hack: Reveal all Pokemon with this awesome hack

You can now discover all the Pokemon around the globe with this Pokemon Go hack.

On the off chance that you are confronting an issue, Reddit is the spot to be. You can simply rely on individual Redditors to help you with hacks, cheats and workaround and Pokemon Go is the same. When Pokemon go went live, there were no less than two dangers giving individual Redditors indications and tricks. One such string is/r/PokemonGoDEV with endless instructional exercises to make a large portion of Pokemon Go diversion. The vast majority of them based on Python scripts, the most loved dialect of figures out far and wide.

Pokemon Go Hack

One such Redditor has turned around built the Pokemon Go App with Python script to uncover the internal workings of the amusement.

The Redditor didn’t really hack Niantic’s servers, yet essentially figured out the HTTPS asks for the application gets from the amusement’s servers. By continually testing around with parameters in the server asks for, a few clients found an approach to uncover generate indicates and utilize them make maps of adjacent Pokemon and other diversion things.

Once such instructional exercise is called how to make your own Google Map with all the close-by Pokemon. Redditors likewise have made standalone Mac, Linux, and Windows desktop applications and CLI devices to reap information about Pokemon bring forth focuses. Niantic sent a cut it out letter to Reddit for pulling down a Web-based application.

Presently the Redditors have met up to make an overall guide of all Pokemon as of now accessible around the globe. You can see the overall guide beneath. Hacked, Pokemon Go is illicit and Niantic may boycott you for all time.

This Pokémon Go GPS hack is the most impressive yet

Pokemon Go Hack

As Pokémon Go continues its huge surge of international popularity, there have already been a wide variety of creative methods from various players who have tried in various ways to beat the system, from drones to phone cases to just outright trying to sell accounts.

But new video from earlier this week has raised the stakes again for Pokémon Gohacking, with a unique hardware-based solution to solve the problem of actually having to go outside and walk around to catch pokémon.

Instead of using software to spoof the GPS data being fed to the Pokémon Go app, this latest method involves placing the phone in a radio-frequency-shielded box, and using a signal generator to generate a fake GPS signal which the phone, (and therefore, thePokémon Go app), receives and uses as the “location” of the device.

Then, custom software uses Google Earth and a joystick to slowly change the signal to the phone, simulating walking by changing the faked location of the device.


Unfortunately, for those looking to put together their own setup and travel the world from the comfort of their desks, there are a few caveats. First is the fairly major issue of needing to have a signal generator, RF-shielded box, and a few other eclectic pieces of hardware that the average person probably doesn’t have lying around, along with the programming skills to get everything up and running.

Secondly, and far more importantly, cheating the game like this is still against Niantic’s rules, and will probably get you banned if you get caught. (And getting caught is pretty likely, since while the hack simulates movement via changing GPS signal, you’d probably still get caught for not having the matching accelerometer data to accompany it, or for instantly teleporting from huge distances by spoofing the signal to sudden change location.)

That said, the hack is incredibly impressive and goes to show the incredible lengths thePokémon Go community is willing to go to play the game without having to actually go and play the game. Just don’t try this one at home.

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