Pokemon Go Hack – How to Not Get Banned While Using GPS Spoofing!

Pokemon Go Hack to spoof your GPS, For those of you who’ve attempted pokemon go hack to spoof your gps, you may were capable of hacking gps, however you weren’t capable of in reality to get pokemons. That is due to the Niantic, the enterprise behind pokemon go have set algorithms to hit upon whether users are using cheats mods or not.

Pokemon Go Hack (Example)

First, you’ll need to make certain you don’t transport your gps area everywhere in the world. For example, if you live in Canada, going to different locations in Canada won’t set off banning algorithms.  If you live in New York, you may want to make it realistic by not using the app for a few days then log in from Canada location.  If you have transported to more than 2 different countries within span of 5 minutes, it’s definitely gonna get you soft banned.

Pokemon Go Hack

Now, Niantic isn’t completely banning there users however they may be smooth banning there users for 10 minutes to six hours randomly so you can wait during ban and play the again. Simply use your not unusual sense and circulate the GPS region as in case you have been doing it like in real life.

Second, on every occasion you play Pokemon Go, your smartphone is sending out IP Address of your wifi/4g lte which is connected to Pokemon servers. If your IP Address with is from New York but your GPS place is ready to Canada, manifestly Niantic will recognize that you are using a cheat and ban you. An easy way to solve this is to use VPN, which will allow you to set your IP to the GPS location you are using it from.  For example, I use my VPN app to connect to New York server, which turns my IP address into New York so Niantic’s algorithm will not know I am cheating.

For VPN, you can use any VPN app on the Play Store, check out some of the free VPN apps on Play Store here.  Now, a lot of these free VPN apps might not give you a choice to choose different cities or they may default to a certain city.  Make sure you use to find out which city your VPN is using if it doesn’t give you a choice and set your GPS location to that city.  If you want a good paid VPN, check out ibVPN, which I use all the time when traveling outside the U.S.

Overall, this guide is for those of you who want to try Pokemon Go perhaps because it’s not supported in your country, maybe impossible to walk around where you live(too hot/cold), or you are not able to walk (disabled/bad knees) but if you live in a city that Pokemon Go is supported, you should not cheat and play the game normally.

*Note – This will work on both Android and iOS, you just need to get VPN app for whatever platform you are on.


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