Pokemon GO GPS Hack for Android Kitkat/Lollipop/Jelly Bean [TUTUTAPP]

TUTUTAPP: Pokemon Go has taken over the Europe and whole world like a storm. It is fun to play Pokemon Go until you visit almost everywhere you can. Why to waste your time & efforts just to catch Pokemon which never exists physically. It’s fun sometimes, but there’s always a point where you get really exhausted & give up. Therefore some people enjoy Hacking GPS and Spoofing Location to without physically changing you’re location.

Note: We won’t be held responsible for anything happening to your Pokemon GO account. You’re solely responsible for your decision to hack this game. This hack won’t harm your device in any way.

Read More: This hack won’t harm your device. but it can cause you’re account permanently banned.


TUTUTAPP/Pokemon GO GPS Hack for Android:

Steps to complete this task.

  1. Pokemon GO App.
  2. Any VPN App. We have used Cloud VPN in this tutorial.
  3. Fake gps – fake location

Pokemon Go Hack GPS

How to use Pokemon GO fake GPS hack in Jellybean/KitKat/Lollipop

Step 1. Download & install all the above apps in your Android device.

Step 2. Go to Settings App > Locations, Set Mode to GPS/device only.

Step 3. Launch the VPN app & select USA location. Click on Start to change location to USA.

Step 4. Enable Developer options (Settings> Tap on build no. 7 times) & enable“Allow Mock locations”.

Step 5. Now open Fake location app & select any desired location you want to spawn. After selecting, click on “Start”.

Step 6. Now again go to Developer options & un-check “Allow mock locations”.

Step 7. Now launch Pokemon GO app & you’ll spawn at that selected location. If you want to change location, you can again enable mock location, select desired locations & disable mock location. Again launch the app to spawn at that location.


As Android Lollipop & below versions doesn’t have “Select mock locations app” you can’t use the Joystick without rooting. Make sure you don’t jump to too far locations after each switch or else you’ll face soft ban i.e for 30 minutes, you can’t catch Pokemon. I know its a bit pain to perform all this to change locations but the limitations of Android Lollipop & below won’t let you do anything. I would suggest you to Root your device if you’re using it for quite a time. There’re many advantages of rooting. Let us know if this worked for you. If you’re still facing any issue, you can report about it in comment section below.


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