Download MyBB Theme PixelMonkey Candy

Download MyBB Theme PixelMonkey Candy


Theme is very well designed, marvelously coded and jQuery animations just add to its charm. At the very top we also have social network buttons which are “hiding” behind the header’s background and therefore you can easily miss them, specially if you’re not paying too much attention. The idea of having them behind a background and make them slide out is brilliant, because it doesn’t shoves social networking profile links to our face – makes it completely optional which is how following a site on social network should be. Then there we have the Login and Registration links. The registration button provides us with a nice animation on hover/click of the button (icon slides to the left) and gives you the feeling that you actually focused your mouse on it. Sadly the Login link doesn’t have the same animation which makes me wonder if guests are more important than the regular users. However it makes up for it, because when you click it you get a nice jQuery pop-up which allows your users to sign-in to their account without leaving the index page. The sign-in form is really basic, but still makes you go “wow” when you see it. Lastly there’s the menu. The menu looks pretty basic and boring until you hover over one of the list items, that’s when you notice that it has an awesome animation on it, making it fantastic. Now if you’re like me (a bit weird) you will immediately try to see that if you hover over all of the items several times if they continue to bounce due to bad code – I was disappointed that there was no bouncing, but that also means that execution is perfect which is a big plus.


Like many of the newer forum themes, this one also has a sidebar. To be honest I was really disappointed to see it, because that just means that more administrators will shove advertisements into the sidebar. Joking aside, the sidebar really did leave an impression on me, because you’re able to collapse it as well as remove certain sidebar boxes from it and therefore customize your experience of the forum that uses this theme. This feature is really great, but to my knowledge there is no way to bring back the collapsed sidebar or any of the boxes that you’ve removed from it. You have to refresh the page to retrieve the sidebar and all of its content, but that removes the point of having both options even available. As for the forums and their design/execution. They don’t bring us anything that we don’t see on regular basis so I don’t have much to say other than that it would be awesome if the forum status images were designed as ribbons and therefore making it not seem rushed. Only thing that makes it stand out a bit is the smooth animation whenever you collapse or expand the forum category – kudos. Exactly the same goes for the board statistics area, it would be great if something unique and/or custom would be done there as well to make it outstanding.


The footer area looks nice and has very nice background on it to make it go well with the rest of the theme. However the lack of content in such a big footer makes you think if the author spent more than couple minutes designing/coding it, because it really seems rushed. There is a film tape background applied to the basic MyBB links which doesn’t really go with the theme and makes it standout too much. Rest of the footer is just copyright that can be replaced to fit your own and of course authors branding which shouldn’t be removed without purchasing branding removal.


Most of the buttons utilize hover/click animations which makes the theme shine and gives us the feeling that we’re actually interacting with the button that we wish to click. Thread view is the basic vertical MyBB view and doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but it doesn’t need to in the first place. Overall the theme is very well designed, and jQuery animations really make it shine. It has some flaws which can be fixed and/or personalized by the buyer of the theme, because they aren’t noticeable unless you’re paying attention to detail. Bottom line, theme is more than worth the $25 that it currently is being sold for at PixelMonkey store and its a great investment for any forum owner that doesn’t have the budget to purchase a custom theme for their forum and/or simply doesn’t want to.

DOWNLOAD HERE :    http://www88.zippyshare.com/v/esLCdSUh/file.html


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