PAD APPLE They lost more than $ 150 billion worth

After Apple in July last year introduced two new iPhone models with big screens that are shot down over the next months sales records, the shares of this company has been expanding rapidly. During this year, the stock price exceeded $ 134, and some analysts again began to talk about Apple as the first company whose value should exceed a whopping one billion dollars. But over time the price of Apple shares began to fall slowly, and some investors are not too thrilled with the financial results in the last quarter in which they expected and slightly better sales of the iPhone, which has also affected the decline in share prices. Apple’s stock price did not help, nor reduce growth in sales of smartphones in China, nor the fact that in this country all the more interesting to users phones companies such as Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomija that at an affordable price offering quality phones.

Also, telecommunication companies in the United States is slowly giving up on the previous way of doing business where the customer a lot of cheaper phones sold by signing two-year contract so that in the future users should buy phones separate from the mobile tariffs. Although tariffs in this way could be more favorable to users themselves should bear the cost of smart phones (in the case of Apple, the iPhone price is 650 US dollars), which, even in the case of a two-year payment plan, many to be too expensive and may look for cheaper solutions or will, instead of every two years, to buy new phones every three years.

It is a ‘brutal decline’ share price and the value of the company, announced on USA Today after the share price yesterday fell for added more than six percent. The share price as of this year fell by more than twenty percent and lost as much as 158 billion dollars in market value, which is higher than eg.

Intel values. In two and a half weeks is expected to Cook presented two new models of iPhone (iPhone 6S and 6S Plus), and then expect the new models of iPads (possibly large iPad Pro with a diagonal exceeding 12 inches) and to the wings these devices, depending on their demand, the price of Apple shares could rise again, according zimo.dnevnik.hr 

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