OSCP Penetration PDF Course – Kali Linux

OSCP Penetration PDF Course – Kali Linux


Penetration Testing with Kali (PWK) is a self-paced online penetration testing course designed for network administrators and security professionals who want to take a serious and meaningful step into the world of professional penetration testing. This unique penetration testing training course introduces students to the latest ethical hacking tools and techniques, including remote, virtual penetration testing labs for practicing the course materials. Penetration Testing with Kali Linux simulates a full penetration test from start to finish, by injecting the student into a target-rich, diverse, and vulnerable network environment.

Penetration Testing with Kali Linux is a foundational security course, but still requires students to have certain knowledge prior to attending the online training class. A solid understanding of TCP/IP, networking, and reasonable Linux skills are required. Familiarity with Bash scripting along with basic Perl or Python is considered a plus. This advanced penetration testing course is not for the faint of heart; it requires practice, testing, and the ability to want to learn in a manner that will grow your career in the information security field and overcome any learning plateau. Offensive Security challenges you to rise above the rest, dive into the fine arts of advanced penetration testing, and to Try Harder™.

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The OSCP is a certification that has already gained a very solid recognition and I only hope and expect that to continue. I’ve taken a couple of other security related certifications including the CEH, Security+, CISSP and the TigerScheme QSTM. If I had to select a candidate to perform a Pentest on a client network, the OSCP certified candidate would get the job every single time.

I have had extensive experience with industry certifications, and I can say without a doubt that Offensive Security training and certifications are in a league of their own. The training they provide develops real technical skills, forcing you to leverage what you learned to solve complex problems, rather than the traditional multiple choice question format.

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