Norton Antivirus Added Crypto Mining Feature How Does It Work?

Norton is a popular Antivirus company, which provides protection from various threats. They furnish the world of the internet and technology with their antivirus, VPNs, backups, cloud service, and theft protection and precautions. Through these and numerous other services, ensure the security of our devices. Now the company has set to involve cryptocurrency as well.

They have decided to include crypto mining in their antivirus programs. With this massive change, Users would be able to mine valuable cryptocurrencies including Ethereum. Ethereum is the most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

Working System

Norton eth mining

The mining process would be a little different. Users would not be individually mine the currency but they would do so in groups of miners. The operators would charge some amount for this. There is a lesser chance of mining Ethereum alone however with the pool of miners, there is a relatively higher chance. According to Norton experts, the crypto wallet would be kept in the cloud. There would also be an option of storing the money in coinbase, This service would be extended sooner.

This service would not only provide security to the mining process but would also be beneficial in terms of software-related mining. It would provide security against viruses and malware and would get the user to bypass the ransomware attacks.

Crypto Status

As it is an easy interface process, it can lead more people into cryptocurrency and its mining. The mining game would get a massive transformation sure after this. But this can only happen with the cooperation of the antivirus software process.

Crypto at the moment is facing a huge drop, but it is considered temporary and it would surely arise in the future. 

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