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New Release, Kali Linux Rolling Edition 2016.1

“Last year Kali Linux Released new version which was Kali Linux Sana or 2.0 Now New Rolling Edition 2016.1″

If you wanna update new ISO image can be obtained from official Kali Linux Website. It can be booted into (normal) Live mode, or in (forensic) Live mode and can be directly installed. and I consider that to be a good thing because the previous Live installers didn’t work worth beans on UEFI firmware systems.

Updating to Kali Linux Rolling!

If your Already using Kali Linux Sana 2.0 then it’s simple enough to update Just open up your Terminal!

Features Comes with Kali Linux Rolling Edition!

Kali Linux Rolling also brings Web Interface which shows newest versions and installed tools in your Kali Linux.

The Kali Linux Rolling release marks a change in the way how VMware guest tools are installed. The release takes care of the VMware recommendation that suggests using distribution-specific open-vm-tools instead of the VMware Tools package for guest machines.


It looks to me like what they have finally done is what I thought they should have been doing all along – they simply use the Debian installer, which has been able to deal with UEFI for ages. It’s not a spiffy, sexy, GUI installer, it’s the same old text-based installer (with some limited graphic support added if you really insist), but I would hope that anyone who is going to use Kali would have enough experience to deal with it, and to understand that something which works, easily and reliably every time, is vastly preferable to something which works “sometimes” or even “most of the time”. (If you want to hear a major rant, get me started sometime on today’s general willingness to accept thing that “mostly work”)

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