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Never Share Nude Photos On Social Media!

For your own Privacy and Protection never share your Nude Photos with someone on Facebook this might always put you in trouble! Remember sharing your Nude Photo with single person as sharing with billions of people around the world!

There a lot of stories on sharing nude photos via social media such as Facebook. Such a thing happened to Facebook user with fake account messaged a young girl and he did friendship with him, and finally he asked for his private images of herself. And later he threaten her to leak those photos. Facebook user has since has been identified as Michael Lees, 39 years-old, and living near Walnut Street is now been arrested!

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 Later when he arrested he described why he did this?

They communicated via social media on Facebook, and that guy asked for his nude photos of herself about modeling purpose. He described himself as a son of Businessmen whose owns modeling company, he told that girl to provide her photos in bikini and nude so he can offer her a job. He told you can earn up to 50,000.

This kind of thing can rune any girl life and put her family in trouble. They should not be sharing any of their photos without knowing someone! this doesn’t mean sharing nude with persons you already know No!

This is not a good idea sharing your photos on social media! I mean what will you do if your account get hacked or someone else got access to it he can do what ever he want and if he founds your weakness he will not wait for anything and instantly leak or threat you about your Photos or personal information.

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 If you wanna Protect your Facebook then I will suggest you to use Two Factor Authorization!


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