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Mr. Robot Season 2 Coming Up Soon!

The writers of Mr. Robot are up and buzzing around Los Angeles, trying to gain some inspiration for Mr. Robot Season 2, according to a recent report by Variety detailing how the new hit star of USA Network is spooling up for production.

Variety managed to speak to USA Network president Chris McCumber, who had nothing but excitement for the upcoming season 2 of Mr. Robot. The show, which is based around hacker-turned-vigilante Elliot Alderson, is up for three Golden Globe nominations, including one for Rami Malek, who plays Elliot, one for Christian Salter, who plays Mr. Robot himself and one for the drama series itself at large.


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“We are really happy that people are seeing the same things that we see in a show that we love so much,” USA Network president Chris McCumber told Variety. “The competition is so intense — there’s so many great shows deserving of recognition and of people’s time. It’s very hard to break through.”

Mr. Robot was also nominated by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) for Malek’s acting chops, plus nominations from the Writers Guild in both the new series and drama series categories.

“Our philosophy is now that you have to have an ‘always-on’ strategy from the moment the season ends,” McCumber said to Variety. “You have to find voices that are relevant and great storytellers and have such a specific vision. In Sam we have found that.”

According to the Verge, Sam Esmail, the creator and one of the main writers of Mr. Robot, will be stepping up his involvement for season 2 of Mr. Robot and is currently planning on directing every single episode of the sophomore season.  In season 1 of Mr. Robot, Esmail wrote five episodes and directed only three episodes.


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The release date of season 2 of Mr. Robot has not been announced yet, but expect to seeMr. Robot season 2 premiere around July 2016.

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