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Moroccan Hackers Hijacked Google, Microsoft & Kaspersky

Using DNS hijacking, the group was able to hack into the Internet country code top-level domain(ccTLD) for Morocco where,,, and domains are hosted. The and both are parked domains while the and labs are the official domains for the companies in Morocco.

A group of Moroccan hackers, The Exploit3rs, hacked and defaced the official Moroccan sites of Google, Microsoft and Kaspersky as well as that of Morocco Trade and Development Services ( ) to show that major websites, which provide data protection of their users, are vulnerable and thus hackable.

After hacking the sites, the hackers, who have earlier attacked several international sites owned by MacDonald’s, Orange, Twitter , Dell, Pepsi , HP, and Samsung in 2013, left this message: “You think that you control the domains but this is not the case! Everyone knows that it is false. We control the domains including NIC in Morocco! We Want To Inform You That We Can Own Any .Ma Website Now.”



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