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How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime?

You’re website getting down every time your asleep or maybe you didn’t check your website is online? Would you like to receive these downtime alerts as an email or text message on your mobile phone? There’s tons of website which offers plan and pricing to monitor your website and send’s you text and email message according to your purchased plan.

But here’s how we gonna teach you get downtime messages on your mobile phone and email message.

Were’s actually sharing two ways right now!

Monitor your WordPress website downtime?

Note: This method only works with WordPress websites.

If you have a WordPress install website and you wanna monitor the downtime of you’re server so you can instantly restart your down services or restart your whole server. There’s actually lot’s of plugins to monitor website downtime and send you alerts.

Let’s do it!

  • First Login to your WordPress website through “” or “”.
  • Go to Plugins section and click on “Add new” Search and install plugin “Jetpack
  • After installing and activating the plugin. Go to Setting > Security Tab. You’ll see Monitor tab you need to activate it and edit your email address where you’re going to receive the alerts.How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime?
  • After activating this service you’ll probably get notifications on your email address. How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime?
  • And Done!

Moving to another part of our tutorial.

Monitor your website downtime with Google!

You can monitor every website not just WordPress CMS. This monitor runs on Google servers not on you’re and send you alerts on your Email Address or Text message on your mobile phone. It even logs everything on Google Spreadsheet and save your downtime activity inside Google Analytics.

How to Setup Google Website Monitor

Let’s get started:

  1. Click here to copy the website monitoring Google sheet into your Google Drive. You may either use your Gmail or Google Apps account to sign-in. How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime?
  2. After clicking on Make a copy it will open a spreadsheet, and then click on Website Monitor > Configure. After that it will ask for authorization. And allow the permission. How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime?
  3. After giving permissions you’ll see site monitor features on a right sidebar.How to Monitor your Website’s Uptime?
  4. Specify your website URL and the email address where you wish to be notified. You can put multiple addresses separated by commas.
  5. [Optional] Enter the Google Analytics Id (e.g., UA-123456-78) and the site monitor will log downtime / uptime events in  your Analytics account.
  6.  You can turn on “Get text messages” to receive download alerts by SMS* on the mobile phone connected to your Google account.

Click the Start button and the Google sheet will start monitoring your website in the background. You can close the sheet.

The uptime and downtime times are logged in theGoogle Spreadsheet so you can use that data to analyze the performance of your web hosting company.

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