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154 Million Voters Record Exposed, Facebook Profiles and More

The Records of 154 Million Voters Record Exposed, Including Guns Ownership, Facebook Profiles, and More. You might remember, Chris Vickery who last year exposed the 13 Million Users Information Database of Mackeeper. He’s a Mackeeper security researcher who found this instance of the CouchDB database wide open, and it was configured as it is available for public access no authorization for users, and no username and password.

As Vickery said in a post, he tracked down and notified the company that was the source of the database. It was shut down within 3 hours.

Chris Vickery

Chris Vickery

On Tuesday, Vickery reached out to the company – a data brokerage firm named L2 – to report his theory: that one of its clients had purchased data from L2 and was hosting it in an insecure manner.

L2 said that yes, that was the case. He and L2 CEO Bruce Willsie tracked down the client, and the database was taken offline within 3 hours.

In a statement he sent to Vickery, Willsie said that the situation was even worse than what Vickery’s screenshot showed. In fact, the national file of voter records that Vickery had captured – beyond things such as party affiliation, religion, and income – had far more fields and far more personal details on individuals:

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