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Microsoft KB5001330 Windows Update Causing Performance Drops in Games and More

On Tuesday, Microsoft released the KB5001330 Windows Update for security fixes. Unfortunately it causing issues on some devices like having trouble at performance in games, failed Installations and bootloops.

Microsoft recently pushed new windows update for the security fixes however multiple users complained about performance drop-in games. According to them, it is because of the new windows update. According to some users on Reddit, the problems have risen in KB5000842, and the latest patch has since reappeared.

A lot of issues been reported and Microsoft has yet not fixed any of them. The downfall in the performances of the games is considered to be the main issue. It is related to the VSync setting. Other issues like lag spikes, i.e., a sudden massive slowdown or stutter that happens for a few seconds have also been reported by the users.

The lags were caused by the Nvidia 451.67 game-ready driver, and this was delivered through Windows Update. To fix the annoyances you have to regress to an older video driver so you could try a similar solution if you have such lags. These issues are especially experienced in the games like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed Origins. According to experts, it is possible that the system update issue only affects newer GPUs like the NVidia 2000, 3000, and AMD R5 series.

However, you can uninstall the update to fix this issue on your own. For that, you can go to “settings”,  and then “Update and Security”. Click “View Update History Page” and uninstall the new update.

Gamers are mostly affected by this update as they are facing poor performances. Their frame rates used to run flawlessly and are now really low and all this because the KB5001330 Windows Update could be the culprit. To get your games to work back as normal you just have to get rid of this update.

Further reports have shown that there are some more issues other than low frame rate in games and that is wrong error codes.  Members at the Microsoft Community forums have stated that they have encountered issues with the KB5001330 Windows Update failing to install. The error code for this is 0x800f0984 but according to some groups, an error was different, with the code 0x800f081f. This specific issue is related to Windows Update being unable to fetch the patch from Microsoft’s servers.

Microsoft moderator has recommended the solution for the patches that are to reset WSUS (Windows Update Service and Agent). It is for those for whom Windows Update cannot be downloaded from the patched. Some users reported that they face a more serious problem. After installing the update, they were greeted by boot loops with the stop code 0xc000021a.

Some users have also experienced screen flickering that happens when resizing Chrome or Edge windows.

However, it has been advised by the experts to pause Windows Updates for some weeks in order to avoid the particular patch. As it usually creates a restore point before installing major updates just to be on the safer side. But this is only for those who have not still updated to KB5001330 yet.

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