Washington between the US government and the world’s richest man Bill Gates’ company, Microsoft has reached Privacy Battle of the court for which Microsoft has sued the US government to affect the privacy of its users have been.

Foreign news agency as is putting pressure violates the US Constitution for the Microsoft has been listed in the case in the Federal Court to thousands of users of the data open, but the US Department of Justice refused to give his reaction immediately on the case. Has been added in this case the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment that gives the right to them that to be informed about the investigation of the property owned or speech that the First Amendment when people’s PCs opinion that provides the right.

The company is investigation more companies to the government using the Electronic Communications Privacy Act when it was important the data on users’ local computers instead of remote servers in case quickly that collected data in the cloud . The company said that when they move to the cloud with physical storage when their personal information, they do not give any right to privacy.

The US government and the technology began this battle between the companies when the iPhone was the company that the person doing the firing Software California with the help of the software for the iPhone can be unlocked but Apple refused to do so.

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