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Metasploit for Aspiring Hacker, Section 1 (Overview)

My Last Series was about Password Cracking Now I’m working on Metasploit Series which divided into few Sections. Before starting you must know something about Metasploit and installing in to your machine operating system.

I personally suggest you to get VPS (Virtual Private Server) and install Metasploit on it. If you wanna protect your privacy and didn’t wanted to leave footprints of your hack attempt then you must get VPS otherwise you can use our own Home Network as well.

Background to Metasploit Installation

Metasploit Written in Perl/Ruby in 2007. Soon it was purchased by Rapid7 IT Company. Metasploit is prebuilt in some Linux Distro Like Kali Linux and older version of Kali is BackTrack. But you can still install it on Windows/Mac OS X anywhere you want.

Using Metasploit?

Using Metasploit is easy If your own Kali Linux/BackTrack or Mac OS X open your Terminal and Write : msfconsole the framework will start loading its functions and you can enjoy it!


First, you can use Metasploit from the command line, or in msfcli mode. Although it appears that when we are in the console that we are using the command line, we are actually using an interactive console with special keywords and commands. From the msfcli, we ARE actually using a Linux command line.

We can get the help screen for msfcli by typing:

kali > msfcli -h

Now to execute an exploit from the msfcli, the syntax is simply:kali > msfcli <the exploit> payload = <the payload> rhost = <IP> lhost = <IP> E

Where E is short for execute.

In my tutorial on creating payloads to evade AV software, we are using themsfencode and msfpayload command in the command line (msfcli) mode.

The drawback to using the msfcli is that it is not as well-supported as the msfconsole, and you are limited to a single shell, making some of the more complex exploits impossible.


If you want to use Metasploit with a GUI (graphical user interface), at least a couple of options are available. First, Raphael Mudge has developed the Armitage (presumably a reference to a primary character in the seminal cyberhacking science fiction work, Neuromancer—a must read for any hacker with a taste for science fiction).

To start Armitage in Kali, simply type:

kali > armitage

If Armitage fails to connect, try these alternative commands:

kali > service start postgresql
kali > service start metasploit
kali > service stop metasploit

Armitage is a GUI overlay on Metasploit that operates in a client/server architecture. You start Metasploit as a server and Armitage becomes the client, thereby giving you full access to Metasploit’s features through a full featured—thought not completely intuitive—GUI. If you really need a GUI to feel comfortable, I don’t want to discourage you from using Armitage, but mastering the command line is a necessity for any self-respecting hacker.

Thanks to occupytheweb & Me 🙂


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