Mark Zuckerberg Says to Support Muslims Community on Facebook!

We Really Appreciate that Finally Mark Zuckerberg Post and Status in favor of Muslims, and supporting them in the Facebook Community. Last Month on #ParisAttack there were so Hate for Muslims all around the world! Because of Media is Publishing Hateful articles and Broadcasting news.

Muslims Community on Facebook Also wanted Mark to Make a Flag for Palestine and Syria in support of Muslims! Lots of Muslims being killed all around the world! and everyone has closed their eyes.

Zuckerberg admits that “the hate of some can make it easy to succumb to cynicism” but insists “we must not lose hope”. It’s a strong showing of the founder’s resolve, considering the cynicism he himself encountered this month after promising to put his fortune towards helping humanity.

Facebook has received some criticism for going along with local censorship laws, especially in heavily-Islamic countries in the Middle East. Some believe Facebook should simply refuse to operate in these countries. But Zuckerberg holds that allowing citizens to connect with each other over Facebook promotes liberty, even if their freedom of speech is limited. In a public Q&A in January he said (paraphrased):

A government passing a law that you can’t say something is one barrier against people having a voice. We try to push back whenever we get requests to block something.

Continuing to operate can help the country in other ways, such as allowing people to connect with loved ones, learn, and find jobs. So I think overwhelmingly our responsibility is to continue operating.

Facebook’s use for organizing protests in the Middle East is credited with contributing to the toppling of some oppressive regimes. And now despite flare-ups of racism and xenophobia following terrorist attacks, Zuckerberg is reiterating the fact that Facebook will remain a home for people of all beliefs.

As the social network now hosts more people than any country in the world, it has a massive opportunity to help those of different cultures get to know each other. People fear what they don’t understand, but through friendship, Facebook can erase the lines dividing us.

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I want to add my voice in support of Muslims in our community and around the world.After the Paris attacks and hate…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, 9 December 2015

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