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Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Webcam & Microphone From Hackers!

Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo on Tuesday for celebrating 500 Million monthly users active on Instagram’s, but some of you might miss something in his picture which reveal Mark has cover his Webcam and Microphone in order to protect himself from hackers and to ensure nobody is watching him or listing him.

Few people notice the background of the image and commented on Mark’s status that ” why your covering your webcam? “

Snowden Revealed Government Surveillance on Everyone in 2013. They are not just targeting their own citizens but also foreign dignitaries and diplomats. It’s not that hard for hackers to target anyone and record through your webcams.

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Even my friends tap there webcams before using internet, they scared of being hacked and watched by hackers, Hacking an webcam and microphone easy as hell. Installing RAT’s and Backdoors into victim computers gives you complete access to victim computer.

Noor Qureshi

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Network Security and Information Security.

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