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Making a Perfect WordList using Crunch with Kali Linux

Today we are going to make a perfect Wordlist using Crunch tool in Kali Linux, Kali Linux is not important you can download Crunch on Windows, Mac and others.

What is Wordlist ?

In password cracking techniques, WordLists/passwordlists are very important files for cracking passwords. these lists have all kinds of key combinations of X possible passwords combinations.

Lets get on with the tutorial, Creating a Wordlist/Passwordlist with Crunch.

Go to Application > Kali Linux > Password Attacks > Offline Attacks >

then choose the Crunch option.

or simply open a terminal and write: “crunch” without the quotes.

Syntax for Creating WordLists/Passwordlists:

crunch <min> <max> <charset> -t <pattern> –o <filename>

min = minimum chars added to wordlist

max = maximum chars added to wordlist

Charset = Wich charset you want, abcdefg or 1234567

Pattern = The wordlist pattern you might want numbers from [email protected]@@@@ means your first two digit will be static and last digits will be variable.

In this example I want to create minimum 7 digits , maximum 7 digits , qwer987 with pattern [email protected]@@@ and to save the file in the desktop folder.

So I would write:

[email protected]:~# crunch 7 7 qwer987 -t [email protected]@@@ -o /root/Desktop/yourlist.txt

Watch Video Demonstration here:

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