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Mac OS X Exploit – Allow Anyone to root Access to your Mac

Mac OS X Exploit Allow Hackers to have root access to your Mac Machine. The zero-day bug came over a week after security researcher Stefan Esser discovered a privilege escalation zero-day vulnerability in the latest version of Apple’s OS X Yosemite that caused due to environment variable DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE and dynamic linker dyld, new error-logging features added to the operating system.

The developers failed to implement standard safeguards that are needed while adding support for new environment variables to the OS X dynamic linker dyld, allowing hackers to create or modify files with root privileges that can fit anywhere in the Mac OS X file system.


OS X- zero day exploit in the wild
Now, researchers spotted in the area of security of anti-malware company Rating installer malware in the wild that exploit the weakness of zero-day to infect Macs with different types of adware including VSearch, MacKeeper and Genieo.
Issue is in fact in a hidden file Unix – Sudoers – which is actually a list of files as the program allows for root permissions on your computer. However, the amendment to the Sudoers allows the installer to get at the root level permissions without the need of a word from the administrator.
The problem was discovered by Adam Thomas during adware installed new test.

“The script that exploits the DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE vulnerability is written to a file and then executed,” Malwarebytes researchers explains in a blog post. “Part of the script involves deleting itself when it’s finished.”
“The real meat of the script, though, involves modifying the Sudoers file. The change made by the script allows shell commands to be executed as root using sudo, without the usual requirement for entering a password.”

No Way Out for Mac Users

Zero day flaw affects both the current stable Mac OS X version 10.10 (building 10.10.4) and recently OS X beta build 10.10.5 (Yosemite).
Good news for Mac users who are running the operating system Mac OS X 10.11 Capitan build a house, as it seems it was not affected by zero-day flaw.
Until Apple patches this sensitive issue, you do not have any good options to prevent a skilled hacker to install on your Mac systems malware, behind the use of the patch created by Acer itself, which can be downloaded from here.
Undoubtedly, Acer is the security researcher respectable, but the patch can be installed from a third party developer to be risky. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct a complete investigation before installing the patch.

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