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Lindsey Graham apologizes to Muslims for Donald Trump

WASHINGTON – Sen. Lindsey Graham apologized to the Muslims by Donald Trump in the GOP presidential debate billboard and insisted Tuesday the billionaire does not reflect the US attitude towards Islam.

“Donald Trump has done one thing you can not do – declare war on Islam itself,” Graham said in an emotional debate

“… To all our Muslim friends around the world as the King of Jordan and Egypt’s president, sorry. He does not represent us.”

Trump – who was appearing in the debate for the best qualified candidates in public opinion polls – was criticized for his proposal to ban all Muslims from coming to the US as a way to stop terrorist ISIS.

Graham (R-SC) spent the discussion of four second level has insisted that the strategy to combat the aggressive troops to defeat ISIS, while almost pleading with their Republican counterparts not to start war on the Muslim faith. “His religion is not the enemy,” Graham said.

But former Senator Rick Santorum and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee both tried to point out the difference between Muslims and Christians.

“If Islam is so beautiful and peaceful as his supporters say, they should not be asking us all come and hear sermons peaceful?” Huckabee, a former pastor, said in support of FBI surveillance of mosques.

Santorum said that they are not necessarily agree with the ban on the full scale of Trump Muslims, but he believes the former TV star had raised a “very important.”

No “The fact of the matter is that all Muslims are jihadis and nobody, not even suspect, Donald Trump would say that. But the reality is that all jihadists are Muslim,” Santorum said. “That is a reality. And we have to stop worrying about offending some people and start defending all Americans. Because we are not at this time”.

Santorum, the Republican candidate runner-up in 2012, said: “World War III has begun and we have a leader who refuses to identify it and tell the truth to the American people that the stakes involved, partly because their policies have us She brought here. ”

Terrorism dominated the debate as candidates pushed their strategy to defeat ISIS following the deadly attacks in Paris and inspired murders ISIS San Bernardino.

Former New York Gov. George Pataki, who recalled his leadership after the attacks on the World Trade Center, said the ban Muslim Trump “is un-American, is unconstitutional and that is a mistake.”

Graham, the unabashed hawk, stole the billboard debate humor, movie references, a single line and lots of eye rolls in opponents answers. Graham has long called for 10,000 US ground troops in Iraq and Syria to take ISIS, while many on both sides of the aisle are reluctant to engage in another protracted ground war.

Mark Graham fellow senators and presidential rival Ted Cruz and Rand Paul “isolationist”. ISIS also insisted there would be if President Obama had kept ground forces in Iraq that President George W. Bush deployed after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

“I blame Obama for ISIL, not Bush,” Graham said. “I’m tired of beating Bush. I miss George W. Bush. I would like to be president at this time. We would not be in this mess.”

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