Learn How To Work On Git and GitHub With Its New Free Training Course

GitHub is the first choice of developers when they start working on some new project. This workflow tool keeps everything in order and you can easily manage your source code with GitHub.

Learn How To Work On Git and GitHub

If you are having trouble getting started with GitHub, the workflow platform has created a self-paced course that focuses on all the most important things you need to know. It teaches you using Git for confidently managing your source code and using GitHub to collaborate with your team.

GitHub has partnered with Wheelhouse to bring a course with interactive videos and hands-on tutorials. Currently, you can access the course for free and provide feedback as you progress.

GitHub for Developers is a course designed for command-line users who are newbies to Git and GitHub. The course will cover following 10 sections:

  • Section 1: Introducing Git and GitHub
  • Section 2: Getting Started with Collaboration
  • Section 3: The GitHub Workflow: Branching and Committing
  • Section 4: The GitHub Workflow: Pull Requests
  • Section 5: Setting up Git
  • Section 6: Using GitHub Locally
  • Section 7: The Workflow End-to-End
  • Section 8: Working with Local Files
  • Section 9: Fixing Common Issues with Git
  • Section 10: Creating Shortcuts

As I mentioned above, for a limited time, the course is being offered for free in exchange of your feedback. To get started, simply visit training.github.com and click the On Demand tab.

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