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Last Line No Longer Available iPhone – 10 Ways To Fix It!

A few months ago, Apple unveiled iOS 15 and the iPhone 13 models around the same time, and customers have been rather vocal about what the business has to offer, with some full acclaim and others harsh criticism. The ‘Last Line No Longer Available iPhone‘ message that appears from time to time inside the Phone app is one of the issues that customers are experiencing.

As it seems, the warning message has been known to appear after a recent upgrade, following which the device is unable to select a line to make the phone call that you have requested. The problem is usually caused by the eSIM being active after a specific upgrade, but this isn’t always the case. We’ll teach you how to fix the error message “Last line no longer available iPhone” in this article, so keep reading.

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Reasons For The Error Message “Last Line No Longer Available iPhone”

While you activate your eSIM on your phone while also using a traditional SIM, the device may become confused about which line to use when trying to make a call, resulting in the error message. Before we get into the various strategies you can use to fix the problem, let’s go over the many reasons for the problem, so you have a better grasp of what’s going on.

Calling over WiFi

When you have WiFi calling enabled, for example, the error message in question may appear. In this case, you’ll need to disable it from your phone’s settings to fix the problem.

Recent Call Logs

Your recent call logs, it turns out, are the leading cause of the error message in question. According to reports, the problem has been with contacts in your recent call logs before the update. As a result, you’ll need to clear the call logs to get around the problem.

Network Selection

The error mentioned above can also get caused by the network selection setting on your phone. You can choose a network manually or automatically using network selection. It turns out that disabling automatic network selection is the only way to fix the problem.

10 Ways to Fix “Last line no longer available iPhone”

Following are some methods to fix the error message “Last line no longer available iPhone”. Let’s discuss each process in detail.

Last Line No Longer Available iPhone

1. Delete The Recent Call Log

This is the most efficient method of resolving the issue. After erasing recent call logs in the Phone app, many iPhone users were able to resolve the issue.

To clear the recent call log, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Recents -> Edit -> Clear. clear-all-recents-hacktoday
  2. In the box, select Clear All Recents. clear-all-recents-hacktoday

Before you delete anything, double-check that you’ve saved any vital numbers from the Recent call log. The call log cannot get recovered once it has been removed.

2. Restart Your Device

Minor difficulties on iPhone get usually resolved with a fast restart. A restart clears the RAM and other temporary files behind the scenes. To access the restart menu, hold down the Power button and the volume up key simultaneously. Restart-your-device-hacktoday

After that, make a call to someone from the Recent list. Continue to the following steps if the problem persists.

3. Turn Off or Disable WiFi Calling

Turning off WiFi and calling has shown to be beneficial in some circumstances. Disable WiFi calling on your iPhone and check to see if the fixed-line error has resolved. Here’s how you can turn off WiFi calling.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Choose Mobile Data. turn-off-wifi-calling-hacktoday
  3. WiFi Calling is now available. turn-off-wifi-calling-hacktoday
  4. Turn WiFi Calling off on this iPhone. turn-off-wifi-calling-hacktoday

Call your contact to see whether the problem has gotten resolved. If the issue remains, move on to the next step.

5. Airplane Mode Can Be Enabled And Disabled

Communication modules are reset when the iPhone is switched to Airplane mode. The cellular Network gets cut off from your iPhone.

Turn on AirPlane mode, then turn it off after a few seconds. Airplane mode can get activated via the Control Center. Tap the Airplane icon. To turn off the Airplane mode, repeat the instructions above. Enable-and-Disable-Airplane-Mode-hacktodayEnable-and-Disable-Airplane-Mode-hacktoday

6. Disable Network Selection

The network Selection function switches to the best available network automatically. Many criteria are considered, including signal strength. After turning off automated Network Selection, some iPhone users claimed that the issue had disappeared. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Choose Mobile Data. Disable-Network-Selection-hacktoday
  3. Select Network Selection from the menu. Disable-Network-Selection-hacktoday
  4. Toggle the Automatic switch off. Disable-Network-Selection-hacktoday

Try phoning your contacts after restarting your iPhone.

7. Remove And Replace The SIM Card In Your iPhone

Only a physical SIM, not an eSIM, will work in this phase.

Remove the SIM card from the tray with an ejector tool. Reinstall the SIM card and wait a while. Make sure the SIM card isn’t damaged before reinstalling it. Call someone from Recent Log to see if the error has gotten repaired after reinserting.

8. Update Your Network Settings

Network settings can get updated to improve connectivity and wireless speeds. Many people are unaware that Network Settings upgrades can help minor network glitches and bugs. We recommend that you upgrade your iPhone’s carrier settings.

9. Reset The Network Settings On Your iPhone

Last Line No Longer Available, as previously noted, could be an issue with e-SIM. See if resetting the network settings helps. If you want to reset your network settings, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings and select General.
  2. Then select Transfer Or Reset iPhone, followed by Reset. Reset-your-Network-Settings-hacktoday
  3. From the popup menu, choose Reset Network Settings. Reset-your-Network-Settings-hacktoday

10. Update Your iPhone To The Most Recent iOS Version

Update your iPhone to the most recent iOS version as a final resort. Bug patches usually get included in the next software update from Apple. As a result, the mistake should get resolved. You can also manually update apps if you choose.

If the iPhone last line no longer available and the error persists, the best course of action is to contact Apple support.


So, that’s pretty much everything you can do to fix the ‘Last Line No Longer Available iPhone‘ problem on your iPhone 13 or older iPhone model. As previously said, the issue is most likely network-related. Resetting network settings or updating carrier settings, for example, are more likely to cure the problem.

Please let us know which approach worked best for you in resolving the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ error on your iPhone. Also, please let us know if you have any other suggestions for fixing this troublesome problem in the comments section below.

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