12 Best KissAnime and KissManga Alternatives – 2021 Edition

Anime is most popular throughout the world with having billions of fans. Best anime streaming website for quite a long time was KissAnime. However, after a long period of operating on internet, on 13th of April, 2021 kissanime and kissmanga officially shut down. Here we shall be providing best alternatives of this website.

Anime and such cartoons are highly popular among all ages. For some time it is being away from the web almost all the time. It is mainly due to continuous facing ban, technical issues, and resulting in disappearing from the web. A lot of people have been on their toes for this website as they have been curious about the causes of its ban and also searching for authentic alternatives to this website.

Kissanime site is not just limited to cartoons and anime. It has a wide range of content mostly focusing on Read Manga, comics, cartoons, and also Korean TV Drama series. KissCartoon Network originally owns and operates Kissanime site. It basically operates its website in areas having no copyright laws. As it provides the content made by others.

Reasons Of Shut Down

One of the main reasons for this website getting down is lots of advertisements popping up on the screens while watching anything. These advertisements and pop-ups caused a lot of viruses on the website. This could also lead to the hacking of your device as the ads are loaded by JavaScript files, which could be spread by hackers to intrude into the systems.


1. WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline is a simple and easy site with having a huge variety of cartoons etc to watch. It does not have any creepy adult-related advertisements which make it a clean and safe site for children. Also, it is similar in terms of features to KissAnime, and having easy redirection systems turning out to be the best alternative option.

2. Anime Freak

Anime Freak is also an anime-related site that offers you to stream anime anytime, anywhere. If you love to binge-watch anime, then this site is definitely for you. It has traffic of almost 26 million mostly of UK, US.

3. AnimePahe

Almost around 5 million US, UK, Canada, etc users visit this website. It has cartoon series. It gives quite a few options, but having what you want to see is from a limited option is a huge victory. The site would be a little slower as it would redirect you to different sites several times.

4. CartoonsOn

Having only the Anime content, this site is highly popular among Anime lovers. It is also considered one of the best alternatives to KissAnime. Having a huge amount of Anime series, it only has the traffic of Anime fans and no one else because it does not offer anything other than Anime.


Contrary to cartoons, this website does not include any Anime content. It includes and offers other cartoons. This site is especially for Cartoon Lovers as you would find a huge variety of Cartoon series.
This site is not as slow as the other cartoon sites as its redirection process is not a huge mess. It is quite easier and bearable. It also includes a cool feature called “Lights Off”. This feature offers you to focus only on the video that you want to watch and removes the rest of the content present on the screen thus removing any unwanted distraction. It ends up making it a cool site for the user. Also, it shows has HD quality which makes it a double treat.


This site is almost very similar to the The main purpose of this website is to shift the traffic from rushy websites to here so that things could get faster and accessible to everyone. It is almost the same with just a different name.

7. AnimeRhina

AnimeRhina is one of the underrated sites with a faster browsing network. Having less traffic of only about a million users, this site is not at all slower. It is a wide range of cartoons, anime, movies, etc. It is easier to use as it assists with header directions and labels. Anyone can use it easily as it is convenient with the download feature.

8. 9Anime

This site has a variety of different cartoon content. It is mainly for cartoon lovers. It comes with a convenient feature of letting you search the cartoon you want to see in the search bar. This site includes advertisements but that would be open in another tab which you can easily ignore.

9. Cartoon Network

We all acknowledge and love cartoon networks as most of us are grown watching them on our televisions, but guess what they are having their own website now, which is really cool and exciting. It provides huge collections of cartoons with additional games for children also it has not popped up advertisements. It is not slow or having technical issues of any kind,  making it free of all kinds of malware. Hence all these cool features make it a very convenient site.

10. Disney Now

Besides Cartoon Network, Disney is also the most favorite when it comes to cartoons and fun-related shows. It provides all the shows that Disney offers, what else anyone can ask for! Having all your favorite Disney shows with unlimited cartoons on a site, with no technical issues or malware, is heaven.

11. Netflix

Netflix has the most content of every type and of every age. From movies to seasons to cartoons, it has all you could ask for. With categories organized already, you can search for anything you want to see in the search bar. And you would easily get access to it, unlike other sites. Also, it has a smooth user experience with A-class HDR+ support for phones, tablets, etc. It also supports Ultra HD 4K for some Television models to enjoy your shows on. With a minimal subscription amount, you can get unbelievable experience all over the content available.

12. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a streaming platform that is offered by Amazon itself just like Netflix. It has its own class. Amazon Prime is one of the best online screening content-consuming platforms. With a minimal subscription amount you can watch your favorite cartoons, TV Series shows, etc without any obstacle. The quality is just so superior. It also has everything organized with separate sections for kids and adults. The user experience is also smooth and one of the best.

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