Kali Linux 2020.1 Eventually Released 

Kali Linux 2020.1 launched including the latest tools, the updated design includes default Non-Root and Kali single installer file.

Kali Linux is a Linux platform focused on Debian Testing, built for digital forensics and vulnerability scanning, and comes with hundreds of preinstalled software.


In this update following attribute is considered.

Non-Root by default:

Kali Linux includes several tools and resources that can just operate on root privileges and its inherent nature makes it extremely improbable to be used in a multi-user system. That is why the standard Kali user was root till now, and thus no regular user was created during the installation process.

Kali single installer image:

For the majority of users, the latest installer image is suggested. This lets users choose their favorite computing environment and enable the software. If the connection is not accessible, this picture downloads the standard software set (kali-tools-default) with the Xfce desktop (Athena-desktop-Xfce); it will allow a network connection to pick any other file.

Kali Rootless NetHunter:

A few recent changes have also been made to our smartphone pen-testing platform, Kali NetHunter. Finally, you don’t have to root your phone to operate Kali NetHunter, although it does come with some restrictions.

Style upgrades & kali-undercover:

For our latest version, we made a big shift from GNOME to Xfce. That’s not the end; we’ve managed to do the design work, and have further updates.

Latest tools:

We are offering you different options if you like to change. We move through our series gradually, updating them and inserting new icons in them.

New Packages:

Kali is continuously delivering so consumers do not have to scramble for changes for the “latest version,” the team also incorporated some new tools after Kali 2019.4, including ‘ cloud-enum, ‘ ‘ email harvester, ‘ ‘ phpggc, ‘ ‘ Sherlock, ‘ and ‘ splinter. ‘

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