Kali Linux 2019.4 Released New Undercover Mode, Theme, Tools and Much More

Kali Linux is a Debian-based distribution popular among penetration testers and hackers. It can be used to exploit vulnerabilities, reconnaissance and identify vulnerabilities in a targeted network environment.

Kali Linux is a advanced Linux distribution used for digital forensics and penetration testing purposes and has more then 600 penetration testing tools.

Kali Linux 2019.4 Features

  • A new default desktop environment, Xfce
  • New GTK3 theme (for Gnome and Xfce)
  • Introduction of “Kali Undercover” mode
  • Kali Documentation has a new home and is now Git powered
  • Public Packaging – getting your tools into Kali
  • Kali NetHunter KeX – Full Kali desktop on Android
  • BTRFS during setup
  • Added PowerShell
  • The kernel is upgraded to version 5.3.9
  • Normal bugs fixes and updates.

Kali Undercover Mode

If you are working in public place, and you do not want to show your desktop with Kali dragon, this mode will change your Kali theme to look like a default Windows Installation.

This undercover feature gives you more anonymity and it completely looks like windows installation.


With this awesome feature you’ll be able to run Power-Shell scripts directly on Kali Linux through Power-Shell repositories.

powershell kali linux

Upgrade to Kali Linux 2019.4 

You can download Kali Linux 2019.4 from here. There are 32 and 64-bit versions available, and a choice of desktop environments including MATE, Gnome, KDE, and LXDE.

If you already have an existing Kali installation, remember you can always do a quick update:


[email protected]:~# cat </etc/apt/sources.list
deb kali-rolling main non-free contrib
[email protected]:~#
[email protected]:~# apt update && apt -y full-upgrade
[email protected]:~#
[email protected]:~# [ -f /var/run/reboot-required ] && reboot -f

If you want to switch to our new Xfce:

[email protected]:~# apt -y install kali-desktop-xfce

You should now be on Kali Linux 2019.4.

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