Joomla SQL Injection Security Flaw – Hackable

After the Release of Joomla SQL Injection Security Flaw Hackers/Security Testers started using dorks to find the Hackable Sites as fast as they can before someone else get a bounty for Patching and Reporting the Hackable sites.

How to Protect yourself?

We will suggest you guys to keep updated with what CMS you use check for the daily exploits and Updates you get and try to be updated with what CMS you’re using, that’s a best way to be Secure and Protected! No matter if you Server is Highly protected or Firewall but If Any Hacker of Attacker get into your CMS Admin access he will be able to Backdoor your Server and can Hack all your sites on your Dedicated server or VPS, He’ll get the root access with that root he’s get fully control over your Server.

The SQL injection flaw (CVE-2015-7297, CVE-2015-7857, CVE-2015-7858)  found in versions 3.2 through 3.4.4 of Joomla  could potentially grant attackers full administrative access to any vulnerable site, was discovered by Trustwave researchers, and was announced in separate blog posts on the Joomla and Trustwave sites.

Within the 24 hours, the firm observed Internet-wide scans probing for the flaw and number of the attacks. Sucuri recorded 12,000 attempts of exploitation.

Don’t forget to inform your Friends and your Clients to Patch their package before someone get inside your Server.

Joomla SQL Injection Exploits can be found here :

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