Israeli company can unlock the iPhone?

Israel’s cyber security company is involved in stress that so far the iPhone data extraction work for the FBI to tell it Cellebrite.

The FBI said Monday that it may have found a way to unlock the data will be able to get the iPhone Syed Rizwan Farooq. Last year, the state of California in San bernardino area in December Rizwan Farooq and his wife were killed by gunfire, while 14 people were killed in police action even days.

FBI wanted the iPhone maker will help to unlock the phone to access the data, but Apple Rizwan appeal the company had refused to do so. Apple said that a dangerous precedent would be set up to implement the order. Now the matter is in court.

But when the FBI announced that a group of experts, specialists in forensic data after a newspaper reported the company Cellebrite Israel is ready to help those involved in it.

If Cellebrite with BA told the BBC that the FBI but we will not say anything more.

On the company’s website, it can surely get the iPhone 5 data from the phone like some other tools that have been written. It is said that the phone is going to extract data from the same model.

Cellebrite listed on the site that is common or complex passcode can be made to work IOS extraction, decoding and analysis devices to lock the file system. ”

The newspaper says Cellebrite, who had a contract with the FBI for forensic data is a subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, Japan, 2013.

The FBI is trying to help him openly have expressed an external party access to data but also found support from experts or company who did not.

Bureau spokesman Christopher Allen, told the BBC: “I cannot comment on the identity of the other party. I only mention him opening the phone from the other ways in which I will refer to this statement in court Monday.

Cellebrite company has got many phone calls from the media and the FBI is helping to open the phone in the fact that you’re asking.

But it is possible that the explanation is rather a spokesman for the company said that they would say something more about that later.

The prosecution said that “outside party” is told about Unlock iPhone without support from Apple.

The information provided in the prosecution said, “I know from experience that this is the right way to prevent loss of data Farooq iPhone.”

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