Is Raspberry Pi Malware Safe? Find out here!

Raspberry Pi is a World Cheapest Computer Chip cost 5$ – 35$ and size of credit card. Raspberry Pi could be used in White-hat and Black-hat both ways if you want! Programmers use it for experimenting their own projects, Liz Upton Raspberry Pi Foundation tweeted about a person offering them installing exe* file which create shortcut on user Desktop and they offered them PPI (Pay per Install) or CPI.

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Liz Upton who’s Foundation’s director of communications, Tweeted a screenshot of an Email from a ” Business Officer ” called Linda who promised to give PPI (Pay Per Install) from a exe* executable file.

The name of company has not disclose in Screenshot however Linda’s approach seems to be unprofessional. However the offer seems genuine. This situation once again raises the question regarding the necessity of hardware validation. The prospect that a persistent attacker installs malicious implants and software onto consumer devices is a serious threat. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has declined Linda’s offer, and described her company as “evildoers” .

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Raspberry Pi could be used as a Backdoor in a network you can plant that chip and get access to it via SSH and exploiting network and stealing information from offices or corporate.


You must be familiar with Mr.Robot Series which seems in a photo planting Raspberry Pi Backdoor in Corporate to get access to their network via SSH/NC or Telnet.

Raspberry Pi is a great technology indeed which reduce cost of experimenting and testing your hardware hacking skills.

Till now Raspberry Pi has sold 5 Million DIY computer which still rising daily.


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