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iPhone Can Be Unlocked Without The Help Of Apple

America’s Federal Investigation Agency says the FBI that they can unlock the iPhone without support from Apple attacking San Bernardino. Apple has suspended the trial at the request of the US Department of Justice has confirmed.

US Department of Justice told the iPhone used by the gunman fired Rizwan Farooq San Bernardino help Apple to unlock. But Apple said it will set a ‘dangerous precedent to follow this order.

Last year, the state of California in San Bernardino area in December Rizwan Farooq and his wife were killed by gunfire, while 14 people were killed in police action even days.

The prosecution said that foreign parties without the help of the Apple iPhone is about to unlock.

The information provided in the prosecution said ‘I know from experience that this is the right way to prevent loss of data Farooq iPhone.

If this proves to be effective and does not require the help of Apple.

The US Department of Justice spokesman said in a statement that the government Newman million will be potentially successful way to unlock the iPhone is as careful optimism.

The government says she should inform the court about the progress made by the next April. The company can appeal about this car do not know whether the FBI will open the way for the iPhone Apple’s lawyer told reporters the talks.

The government says that the procedure would be a problem if you want to adopt this procedure notified Apple about it.

FBI says Farooq phone can be important evidence which could be accessed, but it is the correct password can unlock.

Put the wrong code again and again by trying to open may be the end of the data in the phone. For this reason, the FBI was seeking help from Apple.

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