IP Range-Ban in SAMP! ( My Life About SAMP )

My Life About SAMP: Oh, If your IP Address is Range-Ban or your IP Address is Ban by Administrator in SAMP Server then how would that be possible for you to Play that server again!

I’m writing this article because, I suppose to play SAMP most of the time, i know some basic tricks about SAMP. People were so greedy that time! If someone knows how to hack with SO-BE-IT or they never shared there ways with others to have fun.

My Life About SAMP:

Hackers still trying to brute force Rcon password on SAMP Servers to have complete access to it’s root login. Sometimes Administrator were unavailable to caught them, OR sometimes Admins were suppose to make a Persistence Script which monitors for Spammers and Hackers in the game.

One of common issue with pings on SAMP, Users with high pings were kicked out of room’s due to (they were causing troubles for other users) high pings slowing down server by generating automatic queries which sometimes cause server shutdown.

I was having the same issue when i suppose to play that game. I spended most of time playing different servers, but my favorite one was Battlefield of Nations. I think that’s enough.

How to Unban yourself from SAMP Servers is very simple and easy way.

There’s an easy to unban yourself from SAMP Servers. If your account is blocked then you have to create new account to play the game or you can request your server admin to unban you from game.

If you’re range-ban that means your IP-Address is being banned by server administrator. But there’s hope you can still unban yourself by switching your IP-Address, i mean you have to change your IP-Address using different kind of VPN’s or Proxies. You can search on Google for VPN’s or Proxies.

For Example: Hotspot or CyberGhost.

After installing any VPN you need to verify that either you’re IP Address is been changed or not, So visit for checking what is your Public IP Address.

Make sure you don’t have static IP-Address if you have static IP-Address and Server Administrator has banned your Static IP you have to request your admin to unblock you. There’s no way to unban your Static IP-Address.

If your using Dynamic IP-Address then you can try reseting your modem or restarting your modem OR you can wait for 24 hours then your ISP will route you to new Dynamic IP-Address so you can connect to game onces again.

But Range-Ban means * Suppose your IP-Address starts from 192.*** and Admin has Range-ban your IP-Address starting from 192. then you will be unable to join again on Dynamic IP Address.

I hope you like to Read!

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