iOS 9 Security improved with Two-Factor Authentication

iSO 9 Security improved.  Apple’s newly announced iOS 9 Security improved now comes with updated security features such as a revamped app sideloading process and improved two-factor authentication, both meant to keep users and their devices better protected from malware and compromise.

What are the benefits for these updates?

  • Faster
  • Smarter
  • Secure
  • and more efficient.

The installation process is similar but, when the user tries to launch the sideloaded application, a notification that it comes from an untrusted developer appears. It can only be dismissed and appears each time the user attempts to launch the untrusted application.

To remove the notification and access the application, users need to go to Settings > General > Profiles, where a list of untrusted certificates is displayed. Clicking on a certificate offers the possibility to trust the developer, which allows for any application from that developer to run on the device.

Enterprises will certainly benefit from this change, especially since they can continue to distribute homegrown apps without having their employees go through the aforementioned steps, since apps pushed through MDM are automatically trusted.

“This is a significantly more complicated flow, which will weed out many of the people who will download apps without much caution, but it doesn’t negate the fact that it only takes one weak link to compromise the network. We anticipate that apps using enterprise certs to distribute via sideloading will also include walk-throughs on how to complete this process,” Richardson said.

Apperian also has a good write up on the impact that the new app signing process in iOS 9 may have on enterprises.

iSO 9 Security improved now!

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