How To Downgrade To iOS 9 Jailbreak From iOS 10 Final Version

How do I downgrade iOS 10 and go back iOS 9 jailbreak? I want to delete iOS 10 completely and reinstall iOS 9. Plus: is it possible to downgrade from the iOS 10 beta and go back to iOS 9 from there?

If you’ve taken the plunge and installed the iOS 10 final version, and then regretted it, you’re probably wondering how to delete iOS 10 and go back to the comforting embrace of iOS 9 jailbreak. This is straightforward, if a little longwinded. Those on various point upgrade versions of iOS (such as iOS 9.3.2), in turn, may wish to downgrade to an earlier version of iOS. This is more challenging.

In this article we take a gander at different techniques for minimizing from one adaptation of iOS to a prior one, centering for clear reasons on downsizing from iOS 10 to iOS 9. We’ll additionally disclose how to evacuate the iOS 10 beta and reinstall iOS 9, for the individuals who are as yet running the beta and wish they weren’t.

Likewise with any iOS upgrade, you ought to be mindful so as to go down every one of your information and settings before introducing the new programming.

Yet, Apple exhorts still more alert than this (at any rate for those introducing the beta, yet it’s still worth being this careful of the full form), cautioning that you ought to go down to iTunes particularly (as opposed to iCloud) and afterward document the reinforcement.

“On the off chance that you go down to iCloud or on the off chance that you don’t document your reinforcement, you won’t have the capacity to reestablish from it in the event that you about-face to current form of iOS,” Apple calls attention to. It even encourages you to ensure you’re running the most recent adaptation of iTunes.

Here’s how to archive an iTunes backup and prepare for iOS 10:

  1. Plug in your iPad or iPhone and start up iTunes on your Mac.
  2. Click Summary, then Back Up Now.
  3. Wait for the backup to finish.
  4. Now select iTunes > Preferences > Devices and look for your device’s backup.
  5. Hold the Ctrl key and click on the backup. Finally, select the option Archive.

This creates a safe backup that we can return to after trying out iOS 10. Next we’ll look at how to go back to a previous version of iOS (and restore the backup we just created) from iOS 10.

Downgrade iOS 10 For iOS 9 Jailbreak

1) Back up. Really! Back up now. During the reinstallation process, iOS will wipe all of the apps and data from your iPhone or iPad (except for the undeletable, stock apps). Make a backup of the device before you begin the following procedure.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to restore this backup to your iPhone as the earlier version of iOS won’t be compatible with iOS 10 backups, for instance, and we’ll be using the archived backup we took above instead. If you haven’t archived an iOS 9 backup, we would advise backing up iOS 9 to iCloud to avoid overwriting the standard backup on your Mac.

2) Get an .ipsw file for the previous version of iOS. To reinstall iOS 9, you need to acquire the iOS 9 IPSW file (this could well be a later version, such as iOS 9.3.2). If it’s stored on your hard drive you can find it by following the path youruserfolder/Library/iTunes/ and then within a folder called iPad Software Updates, iPhone Software Updates or iPad Software Updates.

If you can’t find the latest one on your Mac – which is fairly likely, giving the Mac’s tendency to delete them periodically – then don’t worry. Simply run a search for download ipsw and select and download the appropriate file for your device. There are plenty of sites to choose from.

3.1) Open the .ipsw file. Assuming that Apple is still signing iOS 9.3.2 (it’s likely to stop a short time after iOS 10 launches), the following steps should be fairly easy. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac (or PC – the steps are essentially the same), then launch iTunes. Click on your device in the iTunes interface and select Summary. Now hold down the Alt/Option (or Shift on a PC) key, and click the Restore button. (You’ll need to disable the Find My feature on the device if you’ve enabled it.)

Now navigate to the iOS 9.3.2 ipsw file and click Open. iTunes will now reinstall iOS 9.3.2 on your iPad or iPhone.

3.2) If necessary, go into Recovery mode. If iTunes says you’re already running the latest version of iOS on your device, you may need to use Recovery mode. Shut down the device, plug one end of the syncing cable into your computer and hold down the Home button on the iPhone/iPad while you connect the cable to it. When the Connect to iTunes screen appears, release the Home button.

iTunes will say that your device is now in Recovery mode. Hold down the Option key (Alt), click Restore, navigate to the iOS 9.3.2.ipsw file, and install it on your device.

How to remove the iOS 10 public beta and go back to iOS 9 Jailbreak: Downgrade from iOS 10

Anyway, removing the iOS 10 public beta is simple:

  1. Enter Recovery mode by turning off your iPhone or iPad, then holding the Home button (on the front, below the screen) on your iPhone or iPad. This can take a while, so don’t give up after a few seconds.
  2. When it says ‘Connect to iTunes’, do exactly that – plug it into your Mac or PC and open up iTunes.
  3. iTunes will tell you that it’s detected an iPhone or iPad in Recovery Mode, and that this needs to be restored – click OK to agree to this, and then Restore iPhone or Restore iPad (as appropriate).
  4. Finally, choose the option to Restore and Update. iTunes will download the latest version of iOS 9 and install it on your Apple device.

Once iTunes has reinstalled a fresh version of iOS 9, you have a choice of either restoring from an old backup (remember, your iOS 10 back up won’t work) or setting it up as a brand new iPhone. Simply select your preferred option, follow the on-screen prompts and viola! You’re back on good ol’ iOS 9.

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