“IOS 8” system “Apple” mobile devices have been installed in 85 percent

“Apple” Company “iOS” versions of mobile operating system, has released new data on the spread.

Today “iOS 8” 85 percent of the devices installed on the platform.The system’s adaptation of the previous version – “iOS 7” was needed for a long time compared to. Thus, to achieve the 85 percent figure “iOS 8” has spent 9 months. Observers from last year, said the spread of poor platform, the sequel “Apple” was approved by. The new system, which is vulnerable to the spread of factors that impact is difficult to say. According to the first edition of the lack of a large majority of users, others do not like a set of features. Complaints that require no more than 5 GB of space is due to update the size and speed of the spread of the new system, all of which affected the performance. The situation was improved gradually after release updates the iOS “8” The increased popularity. But in terms of the pace of expansion platform The sixth and seventh versions still significantly lags behind. “iOS 7” 13 percent of mobile devices, the earlier versions of the system, “iPhone”, “iPad” and “iPod touch” devices installed in 2 percent.

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