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Introduction Guide – What is Ethical Hacking?

It is Important that Hackers break into systems for many reasons and purposes. Therefore, it is more important to comprehend how hackers exploit systems and what is the reason behind the attack?

” If you know yourself but not your enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat. “

That’s what Ethical hackers do! Gain knowledge for hacking and exploiting systems! to protect yourself from enemy or from hackers.

While – Ethical Hacking is a way to test your company or organization or network if possible loopholes and try and patch them.

Ethical Hacking are called white hats.

They Perform hacking in ethical ways, without causing any damage to computer system, thereby increasing the security perimeter of and organization.


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How they break into Systems?


Ethical Hackers use Essential Terminology to  Break into Systems. 

Hack Value :

Hack Value is the notion among hackers that something is worth doing is interesting. Hackers might feel that breaking down the network security might give them great satisfaction, that it is something they accomplished that not everyone could do.

Exploit :

An Exploit is a defined way to breach the security of an IT System through vulnerability. Exploit is used when any kind of attack has taken place on a system. Exploit can also be defined as malicious software or commands that can cause damage to software or hardware by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability :

Vulnerability is a weakness in design or error that can lead to an unexpected compromising the security of the system. In other words, a simple vulnerability is a loop hole, limitation, or weakness that becomes a source for an hacker or attacker to enter into a system by bypassing various user authentications.

Target of Evaluation :

A Target of evaluation is an IT system, product, or component that identified / subjected to a required security evaluation. This kind of evaluation helps the evaluator to understand the functioning, technology, and the vulnerabilities of a particular system or product.

Zero-day Attack :

In zero-day attack, an attacker exploits the vulnerabilities in the computer application before the software developer releases a patch for them.

Daisy Chaining :

Attacker or Hacker who get away with database theft usually complete their task and then backtrack to cover their tracks by destroying logs, etc. The attackers gain control of other systems and use them for malicious activities. It becomes difficult to identify the attacker as they use others’ systems to perform illegal activities.


What Google Says About Ethical Hacker?

A person who hacks into a computer network in order to test or evaluate its security, rather than with malicious or criminal intent.


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