Internet Blackout in Pakistan ” Slow Internet Problem “

Internet Blackout in Pakistan – KARACHI: By connecting a fault in one of the major submarine cables Pakistan rest of the Internet users all over the country are faced with internet blackout slow speeds – including 3G users.

Sources told that a physical problem has occurred in the cable ‘SEAMEWE4’ off Karachi coast, the location of the fault has been found; However, the efforts to solve the problem are to take more than the expected time.


Sources within the PTCL – which relies heavily on a single cable – also confirmed avoid debt and said that in his wake bandwidth is shifted to other cables to an obstruction in the country demand for connectivity.

It was reported that the error may take a few weeks to obtain a complete fixed and then to rely on backup bandwidth cables will be strengthened.

Only they got “4 Submarines” and one of them is broken, and all the bandwidth is shifted to 3 submarines and even they can not handle the service, which gives reason to PTCL PTCL customers who do not care of their customers they to move to 3G / 4G services.

During this period, Internet users can encounter low download / upload speeds.

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