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How To Install OWASP Mantra on Kali Linux

Today, we’re Going to Install OWASP Mantra on Kali Linux. Security Penetration Testers and Developers to Test Web Application for Vulnerabilities and security flaws.

OWASP Mantra Overview

Mantra is a browser specially designed for web application security testing. By having such a product, more people will come to know the easiness and flexibility of being able to follow basic testing procedures within the browser. Mantra believes that having such a portable, easy-to-use and yet powerful platform can be helpful for the industry.

Mantra has many built-in tools to modify headers, manipulate input strings, replay GET/POST requests, edit cookies, quickly switch between multiple proxies, control forced redirects, etc. This makes it a good software for performing basic security checks and sometimes, exploitation. Thus, Mantra can be used to solve basic levels of various web-based CTFs, showcase security issues in vulnerable web applications, etc.


Let’s get started!

How To Install OWASP Mantra on Kali Linux

Before installing OWASP Mantra we need to update it first.

[email protected]:~# apt-get update

Now, After installing OWASP Mantra we need to install that tool using this command.

[email protected]:~# apt-get install owasp-mantra-ff

After the installation is finished, navigate to the menu: Applications | Web Application Analysis | Web Vulnerability Scanners | owasp-mantra-ff to start Mantra for the first time.

There’s another way to execute OWASP Mantra from the terminal.

[email protected]:~# owasp-mantra-ff

And we’re done!

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