NewsTechnology now lets you recover deleted files, contacts, and calendars now lets you recover deleted files, contacts, and calendars

Apple has introduced a new feature for iCloud on the web that allows you to restore deleted items. Not only you can recover files you’ve deleted, but also restore contacts, calendars, and reminders. This new feature also shows how long until those items are removed permanently if you choose not to restore them.

To access these advanced options, sign in to, and head to the Settings section. At the bottom left of the screen, you’ll see the Advanced, Restore Files, Restore Contacts, and Restore Calendars and Reminders options. Choosing one of those will open a panel that shows you your deleted documents or archived contacts and calendars.

Choose a restore to the iCloud Drive document. Contacts and calendars work a bit differently. Instead of restoring a deleted contact, calendar or reminder, iCloud will replace the current contacts or calendars track of your previous settings. Your current settings are saved in a file of your own. It is important to note that any shared calendars that are restored to be re-shared with other users, such as iCloud will not restore it be necessary.

You should be able to find these new settings under the heading of now.

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