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How to watermark a document in Google docs?

The world of content creators is now becoming so popular that everyone requires everything to be customized. Besides MS word, a feature of the watermark is now added in Google Docs and it has upgraded its standard as well. Now, we can easily watermark a document in Google Docs.

The importance of a watermark is not denied while writing a document either for professional or academic purposes. It highlights and gives a representation that you own this document. It is handy to watermark a document in Google Docs. Moreover, you can also get another perk of its customization that simply just adds a personal touch to your work.

Read the guide given below to get your hands on this useful and newly launched feature of Google Docs.

How to watermark a document in Google Docs?

There is no need to watch tutorial videos to know about this new feature. You just have to follow the given below steps to make your way quite smooth.

Steps to watermark a document in Google Docs

  1. Open Google Docs and open the document where you want to add a watermark.
  2. Click “Insert” and then select “Watermark”.
  3. Click on “Select Image” or write “Text”
  4. Select the picture where you want to add a watermark or write a text in the second column.
  5. If you want you can customize the watermark for the picture as well as text.
  6. After setting the specifications according to your choice, click “Done”.

How to Customize a Watermark?

Editing a watermark is done alongside fixing a watermark. When you click on the watermark option from the insert tab, you can see a new tab of watermark opens on the right side of Google Docs. This has two columns: one for the picture watermark and one for the text watermark.

Customize a Picture Watermark

If you want to add a picture watermark, click on insert picture. After that, you can see two options of customization.

  • Change the size that has ranges in percentage: 50%, 100% (auto), 150%, 200%, and 500%.
  • Select if you want a fade picture watermark. If not, then no need to click this option.

Customize a Text Watermark

There are more customization options for a text watermark than a picture watermark. These are:

  • Change the format of the text that may include various font styles. You can also change the font size as well.
  • Besides that, you can choose to keep it bold or in Italics.
  • It depends upon you to set it in a horizontal or diagonal position.
  • You can also adjust the transparency of the text.

Watermark repeats on every document and it could also be removed anytime by clicking on the remove watermark at the bottom of the formatting sidebar. Hence, this was all about the guide on how to watermark documents in Google Docs.

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