How to Stream in the Best Possible Way?

Influencers and celebrities today earn a lot with live streaming on different social media platforms and trending applications. Some have even been known to become internet sensations overnight due to their live streams going viral. So, how can one stream in the best possible way? This article will serve as an in-depth guide on what you need to stream a live video, how you can stream it, and where you can stream it!

What do I need to start streaming?

It does not matter if you are streaming to drive sales, show off a talent, talk to the audience, review a new toy, or rant about something. You do need clear audio and video so that your listeners and viewers do not get frustrated halfway through. For great results, people opt for an advanced camera such as a DSLR, however, a good webcam can do the trick as well. Make sure that your device has a built-in microphone. If you have a functioning smartphone, you can live stream with it as well. However, a good camera provides the best results. Do know that for beginners, web cameras are an inexpensive option but they do not capture well when things/people move too much. If you are using a professional camera, then you will need a capture card, which will cost a lot. Then, an encoder will format your shots.

You can also use more than one camera for capturing different angles. In technical terms, your camera should capture at least [email protected] footage. In conclusion, you need to weigh how much you can invest and if you should invest at a very early stage.

Does my internet connection matter?

Yes! It matters the most because you are live streaming and whatever content you are creating needs to be uploaded through a stable internet connection. Test your internet speed before going live so that you know for sure if the internet, encoder, and the platform you are live streaming on, are working hand in hand. In case you fail to go live on your subscribed internet speed then you should call your ISP and upgrade to a better package. For optimal live streaming, we highly recommend Spectrum Internet plans, because they come with incredible download and upload speeds, allowing you to share your videos in HD quality.

What streaming platform should I be using?

Depending on what audience you want to target and which platform you feel more comfortable with, you can have your pick. The top platforms to go live these days are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Periscope, and LinkedIn. If you are active on Facebook, have a page on it, then you should go live there. You can go live just by making an account. All your friends can communicate in comments as you speak. The live video can also be saved for later for the viewers. You can also go live on a page or a group. On YouTube, you need to have a specific number of subscribers to get the live option but once you hit the digits, it is all worth it!

Generally, most video content is shared on YouTube, so it is a great option to build a channel. Similarly one of the most-watched and popular live streaming platform is Twitch, which is basically for gamers but welcomes all other types of content. Periscope on the other hand is usually used for announcements and news, and it is owned by Twitter. If you’re hunting for a job or recruiting a candidate, or just need to build a LinkedIn audience, then opt for the new LinkedIn live feature. Instagram live is similar to that of Facebook, except that you can save it later as IGTV videos and highlights on your page and accept requests for people to be a part of your live story. We have broken down the top streaming platforms for you. If you are unsure about which one to try, you can try them all and see which one suits your goals best. The better the merrier!

How do I plan my stream?

When you have got it all figured out, it is time to go live. However, there is less room for mistakes since you will have an audience watching you. We suggest jotting down the points and rehearsing the content before clicking that ‘Live’ button. The best way as told by influencers is to:

  • Not ramble.
  • Be informative. There should always be a reason for going live.
  • Stick to an approach based on the topic: emotional, humorous, serious, etc.
  • Start by introducing yourself and wait for people to join you.
  • Deliver your message and then start taking questions popping on the screen.
  • If sharing a live session with a person, try not to interrupt him/her.
  • Don’t make unnecessary pauses.
  • Check the audio and video before going live.
  • “Pin” the purpose of the stream to go live for the people that join later.
  • Let people know that you are going to live beforehand so that they can mark their calendars.

With that being said, you are ready for your first live stream!

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