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How To Spoof MAC Address In Kali Linux

There are many reasons for spoofing a MAC Address and its very easy as limited to few commands.

To spoof MAC Address on Kali linux you will first make set your interface so for this type

airmon-ng start wlan0

now monitor interface is set to mon0 but to spoof we have to down wlan0 for a while so type

ifconfig wlan0 down

now wlan0 is down and now we will spoof the mac address by typing one simple command which is below and replace the mac address with MAC in the command i.e in my case the client has F0:CB:A1:2A:FB:62 so i will type ” ifconfig wlan0 he ether F0:CB:A1:2A:FB:62

ifconfig wlan0 hw ether MAC

Once you have did this you will have to  turn the wlan0 so for this purpose type

ifconfig wlan0 up


After that you’re done and your Mac Address is been completely Spoofed

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