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How To Remotely Track your lost iPhone, iPad or Macbook?

I know what it feels, when you lost your iPhone or other Apple Devices. Because my iPhone were stolen and now i got it back after 7 months, I know it took to long but i still got it back, just because of iCloud security. So now I’m here to help you setting up your iPhone incase you lost your Device then there’s a hope to get it back.

Remember, until your iPhone is connected to internet then it is possible for you to track your phone or if data connection is enabled. It will not be possible for you to track it without internet connected on your device or data connected disabled.

If you wanted to track your Apple device which is currently offline from internet and you can’t track it, i’ll better suggest you to visit your law enforcement for further details.

 How to Track iPhones, iPads and Macs?

Apple has provided a built-in feature in your iPhones, iPads and Macs called “Find My” service, All you need to do is enable that option if you wanted to track your device from your iCloud website. you can also setup a feature to inform you via email if your Device shown up on maps or connected to WiFi you will have it’s location in sec’s if you wanted to delete your private data you can also wipe it out remotely.

Connectivity is important in order to implement these commands on your Apple Devices.

Whatever you think of Apple, their solution is the best. When you put an iPhone or iPad into “lost mode,” iCloud will start tracking its movements over time so you can see a complete history. This also survives a factory reset, so you can track and remotely manage an iPhone or iPad even if the thief resets it. Apple won’t activate iPhones and iPads if they’re marked as lost.

You can also remotely lock a Mac — the Mac will immediately shut down and the thief will have to enter a firmware password to boot it. They won’t be able to boot any operating system without the password you set remotely. You can also remotely wipe any iOS device or Mac if you have especially sensitive data stored on them.

How To Remotely Track your lost iPhone, iPad or Macbook?

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