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How To Open Password Protected PDF Files

PDF is the most popular used format for sending and receiving files on the internet. To prevent an unauthorized person from reusing or misusing the PDF documents, you can set a password to protect them. However, due to bad memory or some other unpredictable reason, you may lose a PDF password and be rejected to get access to PDF files.

The article below tells you how to decrypt PDF file step by step and gives you an answer if you or your friend encounters issue like “I forgot my PDF password”.


How to Remove Forgotten PDF Password?

Step 1. Download and Install PDF Password Recovery Tool



Step 2. Import PDF Document that You Forgot Password for

Launch the program. In the main interface, click the “Open” button to add a PDF file into the PDF Password Recovery window. This program supports multilingual PDF files.

Step 3. Select One Password Attack Type

There are three kinds of attack types: brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack, and dictionary attack. Each of them has its own features. If you know part of the password, please select brute-force with mask attack and click “Option” to set the length and some tips of the password. This can speed up the password recovery process.

Step 4. Recover Forgotten PDF Password

Click “Start” button. It will start the process of trying to find the PDF document password. Check the progress indicator to view the progress of the password attack. This could take several minutes. The specific time depends on the password length. The longer the password, the more time it will take. When SmartKey PDF Password Recovery finds the password, a screen will pop up with the password listed there. Copy and paste it to open your PDF file. Isn’t it easy? 

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