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How To Make Spoofed Calls Using Any Phone Number From Your Smartphone

Anyone can make spoofed calls through caller ID spoofing, as it is not illegal. You can call any number from any source disguising as a different one without getting in trouble.

According to Wikipedia: “Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to indicate to the receiver of a call that the originator of the call is a station other than the true originating station. This can lead to a caller ID display showing a phone number different from that of the telephone from which the call was placed.”

You would have got these calls as well at least once or twice in life. They could be numbers from your local area code or numbers for prominent businesses. The callers use those numbers to prank you so that you pick that call. However, anyone can do a spoofed call.

Although caller ID spoofing is not illegal it mainly depends on the laws of the state. Most states have no specific law identifying clearly caller ID spoofing. Reasons for spoof calling could be many.

People used spoof calls for pranks but that’s rare. Mostly spoof numbers are used by law enforcement and agencies for investigations. Spoof numbers protect your numbers and identity, in this way people won’t call back or would get to know about your real identity.

There are illegal uses of spoof Caller ID as well like for fraud and for hacking accounts, it is used by robocalls and scammers. They trick you into picking up calls and then hijack your device systems. Unprotected voice mail accounts’ privacy is always at risk as call recording could be heard by others.

The scariest threat of spoof calls is SIM swapping fraud. Threat actors trick you to port your number over to their sim card. Which results in them getting all your messages and calls details. Through which they can have access to all your social media accounts where there is two-factor authentication applied.

How to use a Phone Spoofing Service

For using phone spoofing you can use a service called “SpoofCard“. It is a paid service, however, you can have free trials before availing of its services. First of all, you have to make an account. You can either do that through “SpoofCard’s website”. Or you can also use the mobile app which is available on iOS and Android. It is much easier and we shall take that into account now.

You need to include your real phone number, agree to their terms, and create a PIN code when signing up for SpoofCard. Then, you’ll get five free credits to test out all the tools it offers.

You will see a screen splash as soon as you will open the app. All tools like caller ID spoofing, adding background noise, changing your voice and records calls, etc would be shown on it. According to your state laws you use the recording call tool.

To begin the “Sign Up” process, click on “Get Free Credits”. Enter your real phone number. Then you would have to create a four or six-digit PIN and agree to its terms. You can either enter your email or sign in with your Apple ID or Facebook account. You can allow notifications or connect to your contacts according to your wish.


In the “Caller ID to Display” field, input the number you’re going to masquerade as, then hit “Done.” Then enter the number you’re calling into “Number to Call,” and hit “Done.” Then Call it. The receiver would see the spoofed phone number on their caller ID, or maybe the name of the company or person associated with the number, and they will answer the call.

Once they will answer the call you can do whatever you want. You can record a call. Add background noises of different types, you can use a voice changer to make it sound like an opposite gender’s voice. The recipient can never call you back but they can call the number they saw on their screens; they can call the phone number you spoofed.  You can send text messages as well.

However, it is highly recommended to check the laws of your state regarding spoofing caller ID before you use it anyway. Because that way you won’t end up doing something illegal or getting into trouble with authorities.

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