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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp

If you are sending messages to one of your contacts but you don’t get answers from that contact you probably think you are blocked. In this case, there are various ways to find out whether you are blocked or not. Consider the following steps.

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Absence of Avatar and Last Seen:

The very first step you can take is to open a chat in the WhatsApp app, then check at the top of the contact info. If you can’t see the image of their profile and their last view, they may have blocked you. But the lack of an avatar and the last seen is not a guarantee that they have blocked you. Your contact may only have disabled their operation at the Last Seen.

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Tick Marks and Calling Contact:

If you send a message to somebody who has blocked you, just one tickmark will be shown on the delivery receipt. Your messages will not actually reach the WhatsApp contact.  If you’d messaged them just before they blocked you, then you ‘d see two blue tickmarks.  You should consider calling them, as well. When your call does not go through, it may mean you’ve been blocked. WhatsApp is simply going to put the call for you and you’re going to hear it ring, but nobody is going to pick up from the other end.

Try Adding Contact to a Group:

This step will be a clear indicator for you. Try creating a new group in WhatsApp, and add the user contact. When WhatsApp tells you the app wouldn’t be able to add the user to the group, that means they’ve blocked you.

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