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How to Install Hack.Chat on Ubuntu/Debian/Mac OS X

Hack.Chat a Open Source Code for you to Make your own Chat Server. This can be useful for others as well as yourself, Because these days People love to Hangout and Looks for places where people are communicating with each other and making new Friends. Anyway that’s your choice you can do whatever you want from it. I’m just sharing how to Install and Setup Chat on your own Machine or Server.

What do you need?

And nothing.

What Problems will you get while installing

You always have some problems while installing Hack.Chat on your Server if you face any Contact the Support team on Github or Comment Below!

How to Install Hack.Chat?

Let’s begin we can install on servers and localhost. but for this tutorial we’re going to install that on our amazon aws server.

First, open up your Terminal or SSH Console!


git clone

This Command will bring and Download all the files of Hack.Chat Source.

After that Move to Downloaded Directory where you Git Clone the Source.



After Moving to other Installation Folder then type this command.

npm install

I Already have done installed that, So will not going to do that again!


Copy using cp command config-sample.json to config.json

After making a copy file type:

sudo nano config.json

sudo is important remember!

There you have config file like this. If you’re installing on LocalHost then Enter your Host: to your Local IPV4 by typing : ipconfig/ifconfig on your terminal or windows shell.

Leave that Port Default.

After changing your Server Host and admin Details now Start a Server using the following commands.

npm start or node server.js

And your Server will be started!

After that Let’s start a Client!

Now move to another Directory called client move to it by following command:

cd client

After that you have to install the Client Settings type that following command:

sudo npm install -g less jade http-server

When your done with installations you have to go with this command:

sudo make

After Making the Client you have to Start the Client as well as you did for starting the server.


If you wanna Change the layout of or front page you can find on client.js do nano to edit or any other editor.

If you wanna check if the server is working file open up your browser and look up here! go to

If you’re having trouble installing this on your Public IP Address or Unable to port forward we’ll help you in just comment below what problem you’re having!

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