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How To Improve Security Of Your Internet Connection

Many users are not satisfied with the security of your connection to the Internet , this is a common reality that is in most cases a clear culprit, carelessness and ignorance.

The idea of leaving a connection as it is set “home” , with the standard configuration of the router and all the elements that surround it is very common that in many cases can end a trick.

Not everyone is aware of it, but it is possible to improve the security of our Internet connection with a series of simple steps that also can be performed in minutes.

We discuss it in this article, where a brief summary we leave you 3 basic tips  that will be able to implement at a time.

1-Change the default password

Should be the first step, as the default passwords used by WiFi routers are usually fixed rolls that may even seep into documents across the Internet, so let get shortcuts or even carry out attacks brute force.

To change only need to enter your router configuration by entering ” ” without quotes in the browser address bar.

Once inside we select the appropriate option in “Wireless Connections” and proceed to enter the new password.

2-Use WPA2-PSK AES encryption

It is the encryption option safer and less consumption of resources we can find. If we use this encryption accompanied by a strong password, ie, that mix letters and numbers with case – sensitive and some have a significant barrier symbol, and in just a few minutes.

Obviously does not mean that this represents an insurmountable wall, but in most cases fulfill its mission surplus , possible unwanted stop our Internet access.

We can also set it at a time from the interface of our router, as indicated in the previous step.

3-Create white list filtering MAC

Filtering MAC allows us to use two types of lists, white and black. As we know whitest are those that only allow access to our Internet connection to devices have reflected as authorized.

In contrast blacklists allow you to connect to all devices except those that have marked “vetted”.They are more comfortable, especially when visits at home, but less effective for obvious reasons.

As in the previous case we can configure through our router interface in MAC filtering category.

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